Quit The Short Game

You have two choices.  You can take $10 today OR you can take $8 today but in six months you have the potential to make $15.

In everyday life we pick the short game, its a safe path that will get you steadily along, and there is nothing wrong with that – as we have all learned from the tortoise and the hare.

However more often than none the long game, that seems to have drawbacks up front yields the most fruitful of all.

One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.

– Giacomo Casanova

Meetings Are Wasteful

When was the last meeting you had that you could truly say was productive? We waste too much time in “meetings.”

Avoid meetings, instead make a small agenda of 3 items and meet standing up for 15 minutes, you will get more done in those 15 minutes than the hour on a GoToMeeting.

Also limit the attendees to those who can make a call and a decision, too many people in a meeting will only frustrate everyone.

Now Is Better Than Later

We live in a world where Now seems to have become past tense and Later has become the present tense.

Problem is Later never comes.

When something comes across your desk that needs to be dealt with, do it now, its hard but you will feel like you can breathe and relax after.

Imagine those tasks as bags, every time you say later your carrying another bag, how many do you think you can carry?

Stop carrying bags.

Success Is Paved With Failure

The road to success is paved with failure, if you haven’t failed then start – the faster you fail the faster you succeed.

Failure is not what it sounds like – in fact failure is the time you learn the most about yourself and everything else around that situation.

In failure we are the most authentic and true to ourselves.

Go on and fail, and be proud of your failures – success best you fame, failure gets you experience.

Let E-Go

Ego won’t get you anywhere because:

  1. No matter how good you are there is someone better
  2. No matter how bad you are there is someone worst off

So do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and drop your ego – or as one of my favorite phrases goes:

Let your e – go

Don’t get me wrong you do need some ego in order to survive and push ahead, but there is no reason to make anyone else feel smaller than you for any reason, and it doesn’t help you influence others.

Stay humble.

1 Trick To Help You Improve

1 Trick To Help You Improve

This one trick failed for me many times before it started working, mostly because I didn’t actually do it right.  The key to this trick’s success is actually following through on it.

The trick is quite simple – you want to improve something? Measure It. 
Want to lose weight? Start recording it
Want to grow your business? Start measuring it every day
Want to run further? Start counting the steps

But there is something they don’t tell you about this trick, START SLOW.

I found something else that works for me.  If I want to improve something here are my steps that work for me all the time:

1. Become aware of the habit and identify how I want to improve it

This is the really easy part, you see a habit/change you want to make now become aware of it.  Every time you do it just tell yourself oh I am doing this and I would rather be doing it this way.  Just do that and don’t worry about anything else, believe it or not Step 2 comes by itself.

2. Start writing down where you are at NOT where you want to go

This step starts to come all on its own after you are aware – but the key is not to write what you want, just write what you are doing.  On a post it note, pad, iPad, iPhone, anything just write it down.

For instance write down everyday how many steps you take, use something to keep you accountable if you are running use a gadget, your phone, anything BUT WRITE IT DOWN – and remember ONLY where you are at.

Then magic happens…

3. Start improving it slowly by increasing it

This starts to happen all its own, you will start first by say writing a 100 if the first time you hit it, it will be good, if second time you don’t you will notice your brain want to hit, the brain is amazing at wanting to complete things.  So the key is to hit the same goal everyday, and when you are comfortable INCREASE IT SLOWLY.

Why slow? because 1+1+1+1+1 will eventually equal 5, but you don’t want to go straight to 5 you aren’t ready , your mentally not ready and there is no reason for it, it won’t’ matter if you have to wait an extra 2 days.

It might take you a day, a month, a year or more – but just do it and it will improve if not today tomorrow.

3 Things Chefs Do Well That You Should Learn

3 Things Chefs Do Well That You Should Learn

If you love to eat you have been in a kitchen, and I am sure you have been in an open kitchen.  I love anywhere where I can see how the company works and understand the dynamic.

Executive Chef’s rarely cook during service, their job is to ensure everything goes right – think Gordon Ramsey from Hells Kitchen – and no not all of them yell.

Three amazing things you can learn from these masters of culinary.

1. You Need A Good Partner

The Sous Chef is the VP of the kitchen, he helps with everything when the Chef is looking after the place, just like the Chef you need a Sous Chef – one you can trust and whom you know can carry your vision without every swaying.

2. You Need A Team

You and the Sous Chef can’t do everything you need someone to clean, dice, make, serve, seat and manage the place, you have to start building a team around your weaknesses and then everyone else’s – its like building a pyramid.

3. You Need To Delegate

Now you have all these people don’t forget to tell them what to do.  Sounds simple but so many people can’t do this, mostly because they have too much pride or think they can do it better but remember that its better to get something done even if its not perfect than trying to make it perfect.

Next time you go eat dinner, just watch the kitchen, its always very fascinating – especially at the bad restaurants!

4 Things You Can Learn From A Car Dealer

4 Things You Can Learn From A Car Dealer

You can learn a lot from your local dealership – just take your car in for service and you will quickly learn 4 great lessons about how you should treat and interact with your customers – and anyone for that matter of fact.

1. Don’t Keep People Waiting

Whatever you do, don’t ever keep anyone waiting – period.  When someone walks into your store acknowledge them, if you can’t help them right away still acknowledge them and tell them you will be with them in X minutes.  If it takes you longer keep communicating with them – DON’T just ignore them.
2. Go Beyond What The “Black Box” Tells You

When a customer has a complaint about an issue, don’t just check your logs and say we saw no faults or errors.  Ask them how to produce and go try it.  If its a product you have another one of – put them side by side and try to replicate it.  If you can’t ask them to show you – make sure they know you tried to figure it out, beyond just checking your “logs.”

It’s like when someone says they called you but you don’t have a record in your history, doesn’t mean they didn’t call.
3. Do What You Say, On time – OR SOONER

If you tell a customer your going to call them, do it.  If you give them a time call them on time, in fact call them earlier than the time.  Every minute they wait over the time you told them means they will be less tolerable to anything you have to say – even if its good news.

4. Say It In 5 Words Instead Of 10

There is a saying –

If you have bad news, say it as fast as you can.

If you have good news, drag it out.

When talking to customers, use less words for any bad news, any support ticket needs less words, preferably the words are “it is fixed” if not then keep it short, and to the point.  Customers just want to know what the situation is, how they can fix it and ultimately how much its going to cost them.

You don’t need a shinny service waiting room – you just need to communicate with your customers.

3 Things Not To Do On A Bad Day

We all have bad days, it happens, you can’t stay happy, ad, upset, or angry for any long period of time, everything swings and changes.


  1. A temporary state of mind or feeling.

Its temporary, you will move on from it. However to move from it you must enjoy it and you must walk through it.

You can’t cover it, you can’t fake it, you can’t attempt to hide it.  Instead you go with it.  Have you ever tried to fight upstream? go try it… it is easier to go with the stream.

It is very beautiful to have a bad day actually, you learn so much, you see so much, and be in the feeling with it – it will pass and its better to walk through it otherwise you will have another bad day because you can’t run from it, only walk through it.

Whatever you do though don’t do these three things:

  1. Make promises
  2. Give your opinion
  3. Mask how you feel

In other words, avoid confrontation and when someone asks how you feel, say you are having an off day – be honest, it goes a long way in them understanding – especially when – and you will – snap at them.