1 Trick To Help You Improve

1 Trick To Help You Improve

This one trick failed for me many times before it started working, mostly because I didn’t actually do it right.  The key to this trick’s success is actually following through on it.

The trick is quite simple – you want to improve something? Measure It. 
Want to lose weight? Start recording it
Want to grow your business? Start measuring it every day
Want to run further? Start counting the steps

But there is something they don’t tell you about this trick, START SLOW.

I found something else that works for me.  If I want to improve something here are my steps that work for me all the time:

1. Become aware of the habit and identify how I want to improve it

This is the really easy part, you see a habit/change you want to make now become aware of it.  Every time you do it just tell yourself oh I am doing this and I would rather be doing it this way.  Just do that and don’t worry about anything else, believe it or not Step 2 comes by itself.

2. Start writing down where you are at NOT where you want to go

This step starts to come all on its own after you are aware – but the key is not to write what you want, just write what you are doing.  On a post it note, pad, iPad, iPhone, anything just write it down.

For instance write down everyday how many steps you take, use something to keep you accountable if you are running use a gadget, your phone, anything BUT WRITE IT DOWN – and remember ONLY where you are at.

Then magic happens…

3. Start improving it slowly by increasing it

This starts to happen all its own, you will start first by say writing a 100 if the first time you hit it, it will be good, if second time you don’t you will notice your brain want to hit, the brain is amazing at wanting to complete things.  So the key is to hit the same goal everyday, and when you are comfortable INCREASE IT SLOWLY.

Why slow? because 1+1+1+1+1 will eventually equal 5, but you don’t want to go straight to 5 you aren’t ready , your mentally not ready and there is no reason for it, it won’t’ matter if you have to wait an extra 2 days.

It might take you a day, a month, a year or more – but just do it and it will improve if not today tomorrow.



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