3 Things Chefs Do Well That You Should Learn

3 Things Chefs Do Well That You Should Learn

If you love to eat you have been in a kitchen, and I am sure you have been in an open kitchen.  I love anywhere where I can see how the company works and understand the dynamic.

Executive Chef’s rarely cook during service, their job is to ensure everything goes right – think Gordon Ramsey from Hells Kitchen – and no not all of them yell.

Three amazing things you can learn from these masters of culinary.

1. You Need A Good Partner

The Sous Chef is the VP of the kitchen, he helps with everything when the Chef is looking after the place, just like the Chef you need a Sous Chef – one you can trust and whom you know can carry your vision without every swaying.

2. You Need A Team

You and the Sous Chef can’t do everything you need someone to clean, dice, make, serve, seat and manage the place, you have to start building a team around your weaknesses and then everyone else’s – its like building a pyramid.

3. You Need To Delegate

Now you have all these people don’t forget to tell them what to do.  Sounds simple but so many people can’t do this, mostly because they have too much pride or think they can do it better but remember that its better to get something done even if its not perfect than trying to make it perfect.

Next time you go eat dinner, just watch the kitchen, its always very fascinating – especially at the bad restaurants!



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