4 Things You Can Learn From A Car Dealer

4 Things You Can Learn From A Car Dealer

You can learn a lot from your local dealership – just take your car in for service and you will quickly learn 4 great lessons about how you should treat and interact with your customers – and anyone for that matter of fact.

1. Don’t Keep People Waiting

Whatever you do, don’t ever keep anyone waiting – period.  When someone walks into your store acknowledge them, if you can’t help them right away still acknowledge them and tell them you will be with them in X minutes.  If it takes you longer keep communicating with them – DON’T just ignore them.
2. Go Beyond What The “Black Box” Tells You

When a customer has a complaint about an issue, don’t just check your logs and say we saw no faults or errors.  Ask them how to produce and go try it.  If its a product you have another one of – put them side by side and try to replicate it.  If you can’t ask them to show you – make sure they know you tried to figure it out, beyond just checking your “logs.”

It’s like when someone says they called you but you don’t have a record in your history, doesn’t mean they didn’t call.
3. Do What You Say, On time – OR SOONER

If you tell a customer your going to call them, do it.  If you give them a time call them on time, in fact call them earlier than the time.  Every minute they wait over the time you told them means they will be less tolerable to anything you have to say – even if its good news.

4. Say It In 5 Words Instead Of 10

There is a saying –

If you have bad news, say it as fast as you can.

If you have good news, drag it out.

When talking to customers, use less words for any bad news, any support ticket needs less words, preferably the words are “it is fixed” if not then keep it short, and to the point.  Customers just want to know what the situation is, how they can fix it and ultimately how much its going to cost them.

You don’t need a shinny service waiting room – you just need to communicate with your customers.



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