The Art of NOT Closing

Will need to know today if you want to go ahead with this project.

This was a line I received in an email once, and nothing else in the contents of the email. Essentially this person is trying to close the sale which I understand however I reached out to use their service after seeing a post they put up asking for work.

If a customer is reaching out to someone to get service and you force a client between a rock and hard spot, the client will more often than none go else where unless you have some spectacular thing that gives you the upper hand – but in today’s world there is always another option.

Closing the sale is important and one should do it but perhaps with a way to lure a client in and set expectations, something like this:


I just got another job today and accepted it, I just want you to know that if we were to go ahead with this project I will be able to deliver in 2 weeks time, just wanted to let you know lead time in case you wanted to get started today – since I had previously told you 1 week.

I can also refer you to X, Y and Z if this is urgent.

Look forward to working with you.


This will go a long way with clients because you are providing added value, true expectation and also providing them 3 alternate sources – everyone has close network they work with.

I have only seen a handfull of contractors do the above, even just to quote lead expectations.  Trying to close by giving an absolute time is NOT a way to do this – clients work on their own term and they have no reason to rush.  Close by appealing to them and giving them benefit not by making them run out your door.  Telling a client a dead line is the equivalent of shopping at a luxury brand store and they tell you “we are closed now if you want anything please buy it and get out.”

Why would anyone buy from that store? and to top it off the person never responded to my email with my response.

Whatever you do, don’t close doors to sales.



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